TIDAL Increases Rates … Sort Of

I just got hit with this on my iPhone on the way home from work:

Does anyone know if I can just cancel my subscription on an iOS device and then re-subscribe at the “normal” HiFi Rate on the Tidal Website? How will this affect listening on my iOS devices?

PITA. Not such a good move for retaining subscribers, IMO.

It’s been this way for a while (the article cited is from 2015). As far as I know you can cancel and re-subscribe anytime.

Yes, you’re right. I have no idea why I got hit with this today. I recently changed my AppleID password, so maybe that had something to do with it (?).

I already unsubbed in the iOS App Store, but my new “high-priced” subscription looks like it will persist for a month, so I’m out an extra $5.99.

I hope others will benefit from my mistake.

That is exactly what Apple is hoping for.

@orgel It is important to subscribe to Tidal using a web browser instead of Tidal app - the latter will charge a higher subscription price due to Apple taking a 30% cut.

By the way, here’s Tidal 60-day Free Trial:

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Those of you in the UK might be interested to know that if you use Paypal to pay you are charged in dollars (at least I was).

Tidal seems to be oblivious to exchange rates. The saving isn’t as great in Eurloand but still adds up to 4 beers on a balmy summer evening or whatever you’re having yourself.


You’re lucky, I’m not :frowning: