Tidal integration issue - can't see all my favorite artists

when i go to tidal through room i can’t see all my favorite artists-when i click view all the link to your favorites does not work. it only shows me the first two lines. the view all button does not work. the view all button for albums works fine. now when i go the artists link on roon all the artists whether through tidal or i tunes are there. it is when i access tidal directly through roon and i click your favorites that the link is dead to view all my artists-they are all there when i click the artists button on roon but the link on view all when accessing tidal directly through roon is where the issue is?

Hi Gary, when you click View All on your favorite artists and scroll down, is there a loading icon?

No-when I go to tidal with roon and go to “your favorites” the first category is artists. To the right is a link to “view all” that link is dead under artists. Same link under the next category “albums” works as it should. Only way to see favorite tidal artists is through the master list of artists under the roon settings but not through tidal through roon-does that make sense? Thanks!

Hi @gary4264 – I just took a look at the update we’re testing internally for release next week.

This looks fixed already, so try this out when the update is released, and definitely let us know if you’re still having an issue here.

Thanks for the report!

well I have the latest update Nov 5th and in the TIDAL section of Roon when I open view all artists I only get the A’s and B’s artists in the rest of the alphabet are missing. When I am just using TIDAL direct rather than from Roon I can find all my favourites A-Z :slight_smile: