TIDAL integration stopped working (yet it works partially)

For some reason, my TIDAL integration with Roon is consistently unable to load TIDAL albums, yet has no issue loading the playlists. I also cannot play TIDAL tracks (I got a message saying Roon was limiting to my library).

This was working fine up until 10-15 mins ago.

TIDAL Desktop app and TIDAL web player work perfectly and without issue.

Any ideas?

Hi, the same here

Well that is rather interesting! Is Roon going through their own web-based API, then going to TIDAL on their servers… and the Roon API/TIDAL API link broken?

when I launched Tidal app it installed an update, perhaps Tidal changed something and left Roon behind

I don’t believe that to be the case, as Roon broke first for me. I very rarely use the TIDAL app, and I got the message to update TIDAL app after launching it to verify that it was Roon that was broken.

I mean Tidal might have changed some protocol on their server, updated their own app, but not roon. Whatever. just guessing. Good to know the problem is not local since we both got it at the same time. Now we just wait :wink:

Ooooo! I see what you mean! :slight_smile:

Working now. Just some temporary glitch

Yes - working for me also. But the TIDAL integration has been running very very slow recently.

right. It has never been smooth. But Tidal in Audirvana was totaly unusable for me. Hit or miss.

I had same issue in Audirvana for Windows, and is the reason I tried out Roon in the first place. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, we’ve got some issues with our servers at the moment. We are working now to solve them. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Great that it is being addressed and on a weekend too (many thanks), but Tidal integration seems to be an achilles heal for Roon. Earlier today it prevented the Overview page from loading and caused a huge delay bringing up a recently added local library album. If Tidal continues to hobble the operation of the program itself (if that is the issue?), I will be disconnecting it from Roon and considering whether it (Tidal) is worth the trouble. Sorry to sound so negative, but since 1.6 and the ‘challenging’ search delays it has just been somewhat less than trouble free. The Wife will not put up with it much longer… :slight_smile:

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Things appear pretty much back to normal, but we’ll keep an eye or two on them for a while.

@Anthony_Bates We hear what you are saying. The situation is more complicated than just “TIDAL integration”; please be assured that we’ve been throwing a lot of resource at this to get it sorted once and for all. We appreciate your patience (and the Wife’s…).


I definitely saw some weird things yesterday. I had logged out of Tidal in favor of going with Qobuz a week or two back.

I was a little surprised to find the tidal albums back and playing and unable to play anything from Qobuz.

A reboot fixed everything, but it was like everything went back a couple of weeks. All sorted now tho!

Folks, I have the same issue now. Was yesterday and still today. Tidal works separately, but via Roon not… Still server issues?