Tidal Integration thought

The more I’ve been ripping to flac and enjoying Roon these past few days I keep thinking about the best way to carry my newly encoded collection around and Tidal certainly takes away a great deal of pain and offers a pretty sweet mobile solution. As it’s built into Roon as well (and something I’ve been enjoying) I was thinking about how the merging of our info with Tidal appears and think if it’s an exact match Tidal should be suppressed. I know when you get an artist listing it’s ordered with your stuff before but when looking at your collection it’s easy to see both present.

For mobile / sync purposes it would be great to be able to mark things more obviously as something specific for Tidal (perhaps the smarter sort I’m suggesting about) so that when I pick up my phone or tablet it’s already there waiting to go …

It sorta works this way with the stars now … but not entirely as I’d like to mark things I have and have them be marked in Tidal as well.

Gaps in the Tidal collection aside.

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