Tidal integration with Facebook Login

I currently have a subscription to Tidal that authenticates through Facebook. I can’t seem to add that account to my RoonServer configuration, even though I have validated the username and password. It seems the Roon Server should have the Facebook authentication API built into it so I can simply select Facebook Authentication to add my account to the Roon configuration.

Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Have you checked with Tidal to see if they can unwind your account from FB? It’s been several years since I’ve logged into FB, but being dependent upon FB credentials for 3rd party services never seemed like a good idea to me.

Rather than getting Roon or Tidal involved I simply canceled my Tidal subscription and plan to reactivate manually. I assume this will resolve the problem. (And extend my Tidal trial period! :wink:

Makes perfect sense, enjoy!

Just to follow up on this thread, I did cancel my Tidal subscription and created a new one with new credentials that I can use in the Roon server. This worked well. As I spent time evaluating Tidal and Roon integration I find that Tidal Hi-Fi is AWESOME! The seemless integration between Roon and Tidal works so well. When you are in Hi-Fi mode all content is FLAC lossless format. So, yeah Tidal is not free when you go for the lossless formats, but IMHO, it’s a better value than Apple Music which is not lossless and costs about the same.