Tidal is invading my library

I added my tidal account to roon just to find that tidal albums are added without any request to do so made by me.

Some might call it a feature, but I really hate it and wonder how to stop this hostile takeover of my library.

The really makes me mad. Any advice?

I have never had Tidal add a record toy library without clicking on the + button to add it.
Try going to the Tidal app and look at the My Albums section and see what is there

@Joachim_Herbert Are these albums you had previously favourited in Tidal, perhaps during a previous free trial?
You can use focus in Roon to see all your tidal albums and then remove them if required?

No. I never even looked at these. And once I delete them the next batch comes in.

I do not even know most of the artists, nor do I visit tidal frequently.

But have a look in the Tidal app, I am wondering if you added them as part of the onboarding process.

@Michael_Harris Thank you. Just deleted some 50 albums of artists I never knew they existed. Plus loads of tracks I neither listened to nor added. Maybe something strange happened because this is a family account. But then there is none in my family that would listen to that stuff. And if they did, it should not bleed into my collection.

But, thank you again. Hope those zobies won’t come back.

Good news to know how to get rid of them, but better to know how they got there in the first place (though as Toyah said it’s a mystery)

Do you have one account for the whole family to use (outside of Roon) as I have seen that cause issues before. I regularly add album’s that I want to listen to later, but try to get rid of the non keepers.

This has been reported before the best guess was that your Tidal account has been got at.

Maybe create a new gmail email just for Tidal and see if it stops

I agree with @Mike_O_Neill - there’s a strong possibility that your Tidal account has been hacked - it has been known to happen. First step would be to change your password ASAP.

This may not address the root of your particular problem but…

When I first enabled Tidal in Roon, I “thought” it was invading and taking over, also. It was very frustrating that it appeared to be just mixed into and added to my library. However, what was really going on was that it was just “recommending” these albums and artists. Not sure if the algorithm was the greatest though as some of the recommendations were way off the mark for the bulk of what is in my library.

I found several ways to address this.
At first I just disabled Tidal in settings/services and only reenabled it when I wanted to look for new music or music I did not have in my local library. This was also back when I was having issues with tidal errors.

The way I do this now is I leave Tidal enabled but I created “bookmarks” image
in Roon for my “local Music” and for Tidal music using “focus”:

This way I can easily toggle between seeing all of it, or just my local music, or just Tidal music.

Yup, account was hacked. This happened to me as I was getting a bunch of rouge albums into my favorites. I changed the password and the problem went away.

You’ve been here since the early days of Roon - that “Feature” got removed from Roon some time back, for the very reason that it was confusing to many. Now adding items from Tidal is down to the user.

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And being a Tidal user since its inception, the only other time unwanted music hit my favorites was in set-up when I let it make recommendations. It took me a long time to delete those albums.

So a hack, a family member, or set up are the only time I have seen unwanted albums in my Tidal favorites, and I have been a long time Tidal user.

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Hello @Joachim_Herbert,

As @Geoff_Coupe @Richard_Tywoniak @Mike_O_Neill and others here have suggested this type of behavior typically indicates a streaming service hack. I’m sorry you had to experience this.

If you haven’t done so already I suggest setting a new password on your Tidal account and then resyncing your Tidal account with Roon.

Additionally, I’d go to Setting>Backups>Back now>Backup after resyncing and checking your library to ensure that there aren’t any outliers in there. That way you’ll have a clean backup without any unwanted Tidal content from your account breach.