Tidal is still not working

Hmm, it was working fine for a few days with USB until 3 days ago, Tidal simply won’t load and play. I had reported that I changed from Devialet AIR to USB, and Tidal works, but now even with USB, Roon+Tidal simply won’t play. And Tidal dekstop app runs fine, so it is not my network issue.

I now believe it is Roon handling of the handshake with Tidal that could have caused this problem.

I reported in another thread that Roon is not picking up many of the new Harmonia Mundi titles that I had starred as favorites in the Tidal app. In addition, although a number of these titles also appear in Roon, and are playable in Roon, I cannot save them to my library in Roon.

After numerous attempts, I finally go to Library/Roon/Cache and remove tidal* and restarted Roon again. And, it works again. May I ask Roon support why is it so? What has changed by removing Tidal in Cache?

Same here, unable to log into Tidal from Roon, desktop OK, removed Tidal cache from Roon cache and back working.

Edit Should have thanked you for the workaround.

This also worked for me. Now my Harmonia Mundi titles that I selected as favorites in the Tidal app are loading.

Roon staff: Is there a fix available so that I don’t have to clear the cache in the future?

Well, for me, just removing the Tidal database is no longer good enough for Tidal playback. For days, I was assuming that Tidal can’t stream well to my location, and thinking that more users were accessing Tidal now that its Family pricing plan was introduced that caused my woes.

But, my Sonos and Tidal app was playing ok. So, that changes my perception. This morning, I removed all Roon related stuffs including the app from my Mac Mini and reinstall Roon. And voila, Tidal plays!

No other changes on network, hardware or software tuneup. I hope my experiences will allow you to take a look on this issue again and find out why this is happening.