TIDAL - issue with billing date

Is the Tidal subscription monthly or 4 weekly?
My billing date was originally the 17th and over the last 3 years it has been taken earlier and earlier.
I did not mind as I transfer all of my cash over to a DD account on the first of every month. This month it has come out on the 28th.
I have emailed them , but may get the answer quicker on here.

It’s monthly or annual, not 4 weekly.

I have been on the website and its actually every 30 days…so that would explain it.

Per month.

Must be different here in the UK as it says every 30 days on the website. Thanks for the input though

It is the same for me in the US, every 30 days my card is charged.

Last 4 billing dates that posted to my account:


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