Tidal issues loading Sting, The Police, Depeche Mode

I’m using Roon (trial) with my library (mostly ALAC) from a watched iTunes library on an external HD and Tidal. Roon is running on a MAC Book Pro 2011 using Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.3 and Tidal (HIFI) subscription is Puerto Rico, US. Access to iTunes library works flawlessly. The issue is with Tidal access via Roon to artists such as Sting, The Police, Depeche Mode, etc. I can play these direct from Tidal app without a problem but not via Roon. For example, no albums show up for Sting and The Police via Roon, even after tagging them and/or their albums as favorites in Tidal. I’ve had no issues adding Tidal albums for other artists and albums such as Coldplay and Alt-J by tagging them as favorites in Tidal.

I really enjoy using Roon and would like to be able to add the Tidal Artists and Albums that I choose if I am to purchase the annual subscription, otherwise, I’d have to cancel the trial period. Your assistance is appreciated.

Hi @Jose_Aponte ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Can you verify for me if the content you are trying to add from TIDAL already exists in your library, perhaps in a different format (codec/bit rate/sample rate) or version?


Eric - Thanks for the reply. To your question, some of the content I’m having issues with I have in my library, some I don’t at all. The most extreme case so far is with The Police. Let me explain, if I search for “The Police” it shows up as a library artist (along with the albums that I know I have in my library) but it doesn’t show as a Tidal Artist, and with that, no Tidal Albums either for the band… even after I have tagged both the Artist and several the Police Albums that I don’t have in my library as favorites in Tidal. So, with The Police, I have zero access to Tidal as an Artist or Album.

I’ve also tried adding the Police tracks (from the Synchronicity Album) to an existing Tidal playlist which Roon was able to upload and not a single The Police song shows up. However, I tried the same approach with The XX’s latest Album and it shows up in the Tidal Playlist and as a Tidal Artist and Album without a hitch.

The issue of not seeing Albums is not limited to the Police… I tried with a number of other Albums from Depeche Mode, Jack Johnson (to name a few) that I can play directly from Tidal and that I’ve tagged as favorites and they don’t show up in Roon.

Another manifestation of the problem is that I have other Tidal playlists that have over 300 tracks but when I see the playlist via Roon, only 175 tracks show up.

Yet, if I search for Annie Lennox, an Artist that I have nothing in my library, Roon finds it as a Tidal Artist along with her Tidal Albums.

Let me know if you need more info. Thanks. Jose

Hey @Jose_Aponte – if an album is already in your collection, it won’t show as part of one of the albums in your collection. You can navigate to the TIDAL version from the copy in your collection, by clicking the Other Versions button.

Also, if you have added both a local and a TIDAL album to your collection, it’s possible that Roon is considering the TIDAL copy to be a duplicate. You can read more about this feature here.

Let me know if that helps!

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Mike, thanks for the tip. However, I tried as you suggested and the problem persists. I simply can’t get room to access certain albums in Tidal. I did an uninstall of the database and application and installed the application again as new, setting it up with Tidal as the only source of music. Still, certain albums, including from The Police and Depeche Mode do not show up through roon while they show up directly through Tidal.

Any hope?


Hey @Jose_Aponte – just to confirm:

So you wiped the whole database out here? When you reinstalled, you had to log in, right?

So, even when you favorite these albums on TIDAL, they don’t show up in Roon when you navigate to TIDAL (from the sidebar) and go to “Your Albums” ?

What if you include a song from one of these albums in a TIDAL playlist? Does the playlist sync? What happens when you try to navigate to the album from the playlist?

Mike - Hi. To clarify:

  1. I did not delete the database. I moved it to trash without fully erasing it. I did perform a full delete of ROON and had to re-login as if new.

  2. Not all albums tagged as favorite in TIDAL show up in ROON. I’ve come to the conclusion that only those albums that I don’t already have in my watched library show up in ROON.

Further, If I create a playlist within TIDAL, not all tracks sync up in ROON. I also noted noted that tracks from albums that I don’t have in my watched library will tend to sync up in ROON. However, that is not always the case. For example, Jack Jonhson’s “From Here To Now To You”, Depeche Mode’s “Speak and Spell” or The Police’s “Ghost in the Machine” do not sync up in ROON even when I don’t have that album in my watched library. However, all other albums that I tried to sync up to ROON and that are not in my watched library show up.

As a next step, I will creat a new roon account (trial period) under a different name in a different computer (that has zero music) with a different TIDAL account to see if this issue occurs.

Any further help you can provide is appreciated.

Hey @Jose_Aponte – just checking in here to see if you’ve made any progress.

Are these albums still not showing up, even if you search for the exact album title and click “Tidal Albums” on the search results page, like this:

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@Mike - I tried searching for “Speak and Spell” as you did and the album does not show up. I’ve narrowed down the situation to issue with Tidal when my watched library contains many albums from certain artists. For example, this happens with Depeche Mode, The Police, Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys and others for which I have a lot of albums already in my library. This is frustrating.

See what happens when I search for “Speak and Spell” below:

Mike - Yet another example of the issue is with The Police. A search under Tidal Artist for The Police results in zero results for the band and instead show other Artists. I can keep going with other examples but I think these two illustrate enough the issues I’m having. Love Roon otherwise but would really like to solve this. Thanks for your support.