Tidal issues that are frustrating in Roon


I’m used to in the Aurender app to visually see a special icon that identified MQA. The only way I know in Roon is to select the little light that shows the path but this is after you have the track and you need to select to see it. There seems to be no way within Tidal when searching for tracks or albums to see its a MQA track visually within Tidal or in a playlist or queue easily. The only way I know in Tidal is the master tab but then once I’m in there how do you search to find anything? You need to look at all the albums. Also if you say search for Fleetwood Mac and a bunch of albums come up there seems to be no way to identify if one or several are MQA?

In the Aurender app with Tidal if you searched for an artist you got albums but you also got a list of top tracks to pick from for that artist. I don’t always know exactly the track name so this was really helpful. I see no way to do that in Roon???

And by listening to it, of course.

Roon not automatically tagging MQA Tidal albums, is a frustration, I do hope this improves in the near future.
The workaround I use is, at the time of adding I also manually tag the MQA album with “MQA” then I can easily search for them later.


Tagging MQA albums is also my solution. I’m sure Roon will correct this eventually.

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What about the top tracks for an artist??? This is really frustrating also! So far about the only thing that I like about Roon is I can now see the lyrics. They seriously need someone to get a Aurender app and play with it they are so far ahead of what Roon offers but I doubt they will as Roon somehow thinks they are the best which of course they are not. To bad they have such an attitude!

I’m surprised by the different perspectives people can have on this.

I set up an Aurender for someone a few months ago - the really, really expensive one.

I thought the app (on iOS) was comically bad. Like a poor JRiver knock-off and several orders of magnitude behind the likes of LMS and Roon.

If I’d just dropped 20 large on the hardware, I’d be bitterly disappointed with the controls.

I think the big part is Roon just doesn’t want to listen they have the attitude" I’m right live with it" too bad.

Also you punted on listing the top tracks for an artist in Tidal. Aurender can do it let’s see if they can figure it out?

After seeing JRiver Jim’s customer service skills in action, I have to say that Roon are not that bad at all :grinning:

Roon and the moderators have answered this question so many times I’m surprised that one even responded. There are about three threads started on this today alone. Here was the most comprehensive response from one of the Roon team on this.

I’m not sure why it is taking so long but Brian’s explanation gives some rationale.

Excuses Excuses. Aurender has had it for way over s year Whats so complicated?