TIDAL just spins and returns a network error

I have the same issue as above user. Roon will play anything from a Tidal playlist (likely cached) but searching anything new or live from tidal just “spins” and comes back with network error

I have rebooted ROCK, logged out and in again, even tried another ROCK server. Always same issue

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Just tested on the other room system (not using roon) the Naim Uniti Nova has no issue with Tidal and can search entire library (not just playlists)

Must be a connection issue with roon to Tidal on network side.

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Hey @Gaven_Leroux-katail,

Thanks for choosing to let us know of this behavior: we’d love to help. I wonder if you could share some details about your setup by following the instructions here.

That will give us the basics we need to make relevant suggestions.

Thanks a lot :pray: