TIDAL Link Disappeared from ROON

Roon Core Machine

iMacmacOS Big Sur 11.5.2,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon router with extender, using WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

Parasound integrated amp, Bluesound Vault 2 Music Server, connected to router extender

Number of Tracks in Library

3000 tracks

Description of Issue

The TIDAL link suddenly disappeared from my ROON browse menu. Also, even though I can start TIDAL from its desktop icon, its music will play only through my Mac and no longer through my stereo speakers.
I contacted TIDAL support and they told me to contact ROON.

Hey @Gary_Cullen

Welcome to our Roon Community, this is the place to get assistance from Roon Support and knowledgable Roon customers! We’re sorry that your first visit was to report a problem but we’re more than happy to lend a hand.

Please navigate to Settings>Services>TIDAL and ensure that you’re still logged in to your TIDAL account. This is likely to be the cause of your problem. Please let us know if this gets you going again! :+1:

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