Tidal loaded but not playing

I can play my imported CD’s but Tidal does not respond???


Has Tidal ever worked on this setup?

Can you confirm your Tidal account details have been entered and Roon is reporting it has successfully signed in, see Roon, settings, services, Tidal, edit.

Yes login was succesful

Thanks for confirming, I think it needs @Mike to collect some account details and maybe look at your logs to find out what’s going on here.

Thanks Carl!! I am excited to get this functioning and then load all my CD purchased music. To complicate things I mistakenly ended up with two itunes accounts with a MAC/PC. Spent hours with tech support last year trying to merge but they couldn’t help and home sharing just doesn’t cut it. I still have two accounts with separate itunes purchases. I am going to load all my CD’s into a storage device and work from that…you may see I downloaded for ios as well. At any rate getting Tidal going is my main priority, thanks in advance!!

@Carl / @Mike
This is not an Roon issue, my Tidal is not running on it’s own either. Just get a spinning circle, I will try support at Tidal. Any ideas let me know. Tidal works ok on my Mac.

Ok, let us know what you find @brian_mcdonald. Thanks!