Tidal loading slowly. Tracks skipping

I use a Mac Mini with 2 SSDs with my local library files, a Subscription to Tidal, and. Bluesound Node 2i as the end point. I have very fast fiber DSL 400MPS+ Measured on the Mac Mini. I don’t run anything well on the Mac Mini.

Most of the time I use Roon, I get a message about Tidal loading slowly and after a few seconds it skips tracks, usually 2 or 3 and then starts playing.

This happens if I play from the local files on the Mac, or streaming from Tidal.

The Node 2i and the Mac are connected over Wifi. There are right next to each other.

This is driving me crazy, and I am just about to give up on Roon, but a before I do, can you help solve this?

Hello @John_Veale and thanks for the information! Could you please try to reproduce this issue with the Node 2i connected to Ethernet? Let me know the results!


I was unable to reproduce the error with the Node 2i connected to Ethernet.
The problem is that my Meridian D6000 digital speakers are located away from my router, so i don’t have the option of having the Node 2i connected to Ethernet.

Any ideas?

Hello @John_Veale, thanks for performing that test! So we now know that having the Node 2i connected via Ethernet produces the desired result. This tells us that there could be a WiFi connection issue at play here. Can you please describe your network infrastructure, router, any switches, etc.?

Also, did this recent Ethernet test work for both the TIDAL loading issue and the skipping issue? Let me know!

Have exactly the same problem. W/ NODE 2i.
I cannot go Ethernet as well.
This happens frequently.
My modem+router is TP-Link Archer VR400 AC1200 connected to 5Ghz network only (2.4 is disabled).

start a separate thread and fill in the template it will give you.

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