TIDAL + local library not working

I have the same problem since yesterday.

No TIDAL working, just spinning.
Also my music library doesn’t work.
Only thing works is Live radio.

Running with NUC and Roon Rock.

This is Not working for me. Nothing there in my cache.
I can’t play my music from my diskstation also.
Only thing working is live radio.

This is frustrating !

Hi @Dirk_Schloesser,

I have split your post into its own thread. For future reference, this is the best way to submit reports so that we can individually assist each user.

You mentioned that you are also having issues with local library playback, is there any change in behavior if you reboot your NUC and networking gear?

Are you presented with any error messages in Roon when this behavior occurs? Does this same issue occur for multiple audio zones?


Today it works fine. Yesterday no chance.
Strange behaviour.
NUC is running all the time. I will restart nuc when the problem occurs next time.

I have also many breaks in live radio. Radio paradise. IT plays 2 Minutes TheN it breaks.
Other live radio hast no breaks.

I have no error messages.
Only one zone.

Hello @Dirk_Schloesser,

This sounds like you might have a networking issue if the behavior is intermittent. Can you provide some more information regarding your network setup? What is the model/manufacturer of the router? Have you set up any custom DNS yet on your router? Sometimes this helps with intermittent networking issues.


My Router is a fritzbox 7490.
What Do you mean with Custom DNS ?

I had roon Server on a synology diskstation before. One year long with no probs.
Now i have the nuc with roon rock and it does Not work. Same Network as before.

Yesterday late evening tidal again was not working. I startet the nuc new and then it works.

Sorry for my poor english

Hi @Dirk_Schloesser,

By custom DNS, I mean changing the DNS servers in the router to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS.

You can use these instructions to change the Fritzbox ones generally speaking custom DNS servers allow a better experience for any network requests, so I believe it’s worth a try.

Do you have the diskstation added as a watched folder in Roon Settings -> Storage? I would make sure that it’s listed there, otherwise you won’t have access to the diskstation contents. If it’s not added, you can use the instructions from Add Folders By Path Guide to add it as a network share.


Yes of course my diskstation is a watched folder.

At the moment everything is working fine.
I changed the ethernet cable at the nuc. Since then everything ok.
Could have been the problem.

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Hi @Dirk_Schloesser,

Thanks for the update! It does sound like the Ethernet cable could have been problematic, so if you have any further issues please do feel free to reach out to us again and we can take another look, thanks!

Thanks also for your support !

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