Tidal login does not work

Just setup my system after moving house and everything working fine except Roon will not let me log into my Tidal account (which is working just fine). I just keep going round in circles with it telling me “log in successful” but on checking in services menu just get Tidal - not configured! Have tried rebooting everything from Nuc to iPads to MacBook but to no avail. Any suggestions, I see this problem has been around for a while!

I just had a power outage and now that power has been restored along with full network connection, I am now having this same problem. Anyone have any suggestions for how to resolve this?

UPDATE: I rebooted my Roon Core and it then connected to Tidal. So I’m now back in business. Sorry for not trying this before posting about my problem.

You are lucky! Have tried re-booting but without success. Roon are looking into this but so far have not offered any explanation.