Tidal login failing [Resolved]

Hi, my Tidal account has been disconnected and I am unable login. All I get is “Bad username or password”, despite I use correct credentials.

Geir L

Hi @Geir_Lundsten ---- Thank you for the PM and sharing your feedback with us. Very appreciated!

We typically try to handle any support related questions on the “support” thread of the community site so others have access to any information or troubleshooting tips being shared, should they provide useful. Would you mind if I made this PM a public topic and we can continue from there? Let me know.

In the meantime I would suggest trying the following, in this order:

  1. Try rebooting the device hosting your Roon core.

  2. Without the application running try deleting your TIDAL cache.

If either of those tips do not yield a positive result…

  1. With the application not running … would you mind going into the database on your Core and deleting this file:


If you are unable to locate the ‘tidal_account’ file:

  1. Confirm that your TIDAL account is still active, as suggested here.


Thank you Eric.
I have no objection if you make this a public topic.

I tried reboot as well as update my NUC and this actually did the trick, so again, thank you for you swift feedback.


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