Tidal login failure build 952

Roon Core Machine

Intel extreme i9 9980hk NUC W10 32gb ram
Roon Build 952

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google wifi mesh 1gbit HFC broadband

Connected Audio Devices

Galaxy tab s8 ultra, Galaxy zfold 2, ipad mini
Ifi xdsd gryphon usb/BT
Ifi idsd signature usb

Number of Tracks in Library

30000 (currently offline for nas rebuild)

Description of Issue

TIDAL login failure from all devices on build 952. (Stuck retry and fail)
Tidal native app successfully logs in on all devices.
On previous couple of builds, core discovery was really slow but is now back to normal apart from Tidal login failure.
Only playing from 1 device logged into tidal at a time.
Logged out of tidal and back in on all devices and still fails.
All devices on latest versions and os patches all upto date.

This happened to me and I solved it by rebooting my Roon Core.

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