Tidal login failure

Hi, Chris from Merging here. Set up Roon and Tidal 30 day trial. Worked great the first time. Second time, it reported a log in failure. I could see the Tidal albums but if you selected, it would not play. 3rd time, just reports a log in failure and all the albums have disappeared. How do I sort this out?

What operating system is your core running on?

I am having the same issue this AM.
Just wait it out :slight_smile:

Mine has been working flawlessly for the past weeks… This is the first time having issue and a forum search revels that is some what common to happen…
Annoying but what can we do?
You can log the account off and logg it back in and try. again.

I have had similar problems and found that it was my use of a DNS service that was causing the problem. Once I disabled it Tidal was back and working fine. So if you’re using a DNS or VPN service that may be the source of your issue. I don’t have a link but I do remember reading somewhere that Tidal was tightening up on the use of DNS/VPN services to access services in other countries.

Tidal has been very sporadic for me today.
I am in the US and my DNS provider is opendns.

I think I have sussed it. My hot spot was working OK but the internet connection had gone down. So I could play OK from the NAS but obviously there was no streaming going on.



May 2022
Tidal login failure

@6regor, please create a new post in the #support category with details on your issue.