Tidal login not working

my tidal login is not working with roon. it works from a chrome browser on win 10 and from the ios apps, just not from roon.

how do I rectifiy this?

Thanks in advance.

ended up restarting service on core and login is now working…


Hi @Phil_Kemp ---- Thank you for the post and sorry to hear of the troubles!

I wanted to check in with you to see how things have been holding up since the mentioned restart. Are things still stable and working as expected?

If you have any further issue with TIDAL please flag down the support team (i.e @support) and a team member will be glad to lend a hand!


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The same behavior with my setup, Roon core on Linux Mint. Tidal Login had suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason. A new login was rejected with a hint to wrong username/password in the roon configuration. After restarting the roon service on the Linux server I was again able to log in in with my tidal account.


Everything looks good.

I have another question. Where are we with lh labs geek out v2 and the xmos sample rate. Rate problem?

Thanks in advance…

Hello @Phil_Kemp,

You can read about the XMOS issue in this thread:

Our CTO has left some remarks there which will provide you the most up-to-date information on this issue and any new announcements will be made there.


I had the same issue this morning. Roon had kicked me out of Tidal. It kept saying bad username or password even though I could get into Tidal on my iPad, iPhone, computer, etc. First I restarted the Roon server and deleted the cache (I have a SonicTransport as my Roon server). This did not work. Then I powered down the Roon server and gave it a few minutes. I was able to login to Tidal after that.

Glad I found this thread.

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