Tidal Login Problem This Evening

Hi There,

Is anyone having problems getting Tidal to authorise in Roon this evening as every time I go to login to tidal is advises me in my browser it all ok but back in Roon it gives me the error message of:

There was an error authorising with Tidal: unexpected error, please try again later.

not sure if it is just something my end or if it is something at Roon’s or Tidal’s end.


My Roon is currently streaming Tidal and Qobuz with no issues. Can you directly log in to Tidal if you bypass Roon?


Yes could login into Tidal via the Tidal website, just tried again now and has logged in fine and is working again with roon. I am not sure what happened there for the last hour or so but seems fine now :thinking: :laughing:

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