Tidal login problems yet again

Again, problems with Tidal…I can log into tidal anywhere but Roon doesn’t see me as being logged in…is there a solution for this? I tried just about everything, including a reboot of the core, etc…This has only been a problem for me quite recently (last week some tracks weren’t available), but it’s getting pretty annoying. Is anyone else having this issue, or found a way to get it working?

So, after a full day it inexplicably started working again…weird.

I have the same Probleme But today it is not workable.



Yeah, the problem is back today…man, something is seriously broken. I wrote an email to tech support the day I was first having issues. nothing. no response at all…

I also wrote an email to the support. No response, very bad.

I must restart the server over the roon app from my antipodes EX user interface. Then it works.


14 days with no answer is a long time.

I have the same problems too

My Problem is still there. The possible solutions of the costumer service did not work.


I am having the same problem. I have a working Tidal account and can open it on my PC but in Roon it will not recognize that it can log in and be setup. I get an error on the authorization from Tidal to Roon and Tidal says it is a Roon issue. Here is what I get from the authorization string. In addition I can get it to recognize Cloud authorization string that I submit to it.