Tidal Login Problems

Having problems logging into Tidal.

When I launch Roon I get a Tidal login error message.

Tried launching the Tidal App on my MacBook Pro and get a Server Error message.

Anyone else experiencing the same?



Seems to have sorted itself out.

Sorry to trouble you all!

Yes, I got this error for a short time earlier, maybe a problem at the Tidal end?

I got it too and all my Tital albums have lost their play count and all album were reimported. Kinda pissed about that to be honest.

We should be using the import date Tidal gives us now, meaning whenever the album was added as a Favorite on your Tidal account – are you seeing otherwise?

@mike. Please see this post, this is my main concern. My tidal albums all just disappeared and re-importing as new and lost custom edits.

Yes, it looks like the import dates are correct but I lost all my custom edits and play counts for all 425 albums that I added from Tidal to my library. My concern is this happening again in the future.

UK based, can’t log into Tidal via Roon but the Tidal app on my iPad is ok.
I have even re set my password. .
I get the unexpected error fault code. Any ideas?

If I go to Account it says ‘Error retrieving account information’.

Ok, going into the App Center on my QNAP and closing then reopening the Roon application has fixed the Tidal login issue.