Tidal Masters - can Roon stream 48 kHz 24 bit

Some time ago I read that Tidal Masters were only available in higher resolution than “Red Book 44 kHz 16 bit” when the native Tidal app was used. Lately I notice that if Tidal Masters is selected from Roon, the streaming indicator shows “TIDAL FLAC 48 kHz 24 bit MQA 192 kHz”. Is Roon now able to play Tidal Masters in high resolution?

Roon can “play” MQA files in any offered resolution - IF you have an MQA DAC and are not using any DSP, resampling, etc; i.e., if you are streaming files “unmolested”.

It cannot decode MQA files and stream them the non-MQA DACs yet.

Thanks John, to further clarify, does that mean that mean that the signal path indicator should be interpreted as: TIDAL FLAC 48 kHz 24 bit MQA BUT I am only getting 44 kHz 16 bit? My DAC isn’t MQA enabled.

You should be getting 24/48 unless your output is limited to 16-bit.

Can you post a screenshot of your audio path playing one of these files?

Yep that is what I am getting…

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