Tidal Masters M symbol

It’s not about what is enough for Roon. It’s about what what is enough for me :grinning: The customer !

As the E was easy to implement, so will the M be, if they are willing to do. Your explanations is valid if I was requesting a true MQA identification, but I’m not. I’m asking Roon to just display a “stupid” field or picture already present in Tidal. You can’t search the E, nor am I asking to search the M.

When you do a search and dual or triple version of the same album shows up, you will most likely be able to distinguish between an MQA version or a non MQA. If you’re not allowed to play that album is a totally other discussion.

Just like some albums is named deluxe, what ever you will get in addition Roon does not tell you, but at least is says deluxe. So why can’t it just show the M as well.

They has even copied the Master tab. And what is the difference in displaying that tab, and not the M ?

And not all M albums shows up under the Master tab. Why ?

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@R1200CL, please be aware that this is a completely wrong assumption; the two are quite different.

We (at Roon) are more than aware of this feature request, but it is not straightforward to implement for a variety of reasons, many of them already communicated. Roon is not architected in the same way as the TIDAL app and, although we do use the same method as TIDAL’s app to populate the Masters tab, our rich album metadata come from other parts of our and TIDAL’s systems.

I ask for your patience on this.

As far as I’m aware, we show exactly the same number of albums in the Masters tab as in TIDAL’s app: the tab represents a TIDAL-curated list, not an exhaustive list of Masters albums.

Certain things are done because they have to such as the explicit flag. Certain things are done because they want to such as identifying MQA recordings with an M in their own software. That only leaves the things they don’t want to do, and clearly with the market advantage MQA gives Tidal they are in no rush!

OK. You guys like to do it properly the first time :grinning:

I suppose things will change when MQA decoding is available.

And yes, the Masters show the same both in Tidal and Roon.
But you are able to identify masters that for unknown reasons don’t appear under masters, by that M “tag”.

I just add MQA to the version screen then tag all MQA Masters.

Good enough for me! If it was easy, it would be done already.