Tidal "Matched" Only Showing Up In Main Albums, Not All Tidal Albums?

Here’s something else I don’t quite get about Roon and Tidal integration: When I look at an Artist’s Main Album view in my library, why does Roon show me Tidal matched (or duplicate) albums that I already have but it doesn’t show me all albums available in Tidal from that artist? And it also seems to not show me matched albums in Tidal’s Main Album view. Here’s what I mean:

Concrete Blonde albums when I go to Albums -> Focus, Performers, Concrete Blonde. I have Bloodletting, Tidal has Bloodletting, they’re both showing up. Tidal also has Mexican Moon but it’s not showing up for some reason (perhaps it’s a match thing on the Roon side).

Concrete Blonde albums when I go to Artist -> Concrete Blonde -> scroll down to the Tidal section and select Main Albums. I see all of the available Tidal albums but not Bloodletting, and not Mexican Moon (it seems to be missing from Roon’s Tidal list everywhere even though it is avail directly via Tidal).

So my questions are:

  • Why doesn’t Roon just show me all Tidal albums in the library Main Albums view? What’s the value of only showing Bloodletting? Why not show all or none? If I want to see Tidal’s version I could click on the album and select Versions. I know I can hide dupes but I don’t want to for non-Tidal albums.

  • Why isn’t Bloodletting showing up in all Tidal Main albums? What’s the value in showing me two versions of the album in the Roon library Main Albums but not in Tidal’s main albums?

  • And where’s Mexican Moon? :smile:

These aren’t complaints, just bugging me that I don’t know the reasoning. And I should mention that this behavior is the same for any artist where I have a subset of albums for that artist that Tidal has.

If you go to setting general, if you set show hidden tracks and albums to Yes you should see the other Mexican moon, I’m guessing.

With bloodletting, which version was in your library first. I find that if I have a tidal album in my library and then add the physical version, both are shown.

No luck on the hidden angle; I always show hidden tracks and still not seeing Mexican Moon. For Bloodletting the local version was in the library first. When I moved to Roon earlier this year I imported the full iTunes library first then configured Tidal, so Roon would have seen my local library (which contained both Concrete Blonde albums) before it found them in Tidal.

When using the albums browser you are looking at albums in your library only - not those in Tidal that you have not added. It looks as if the only Tidal Concrete Blonde album you have added is Bloodletting.

When looking at the artist page, the album list is split; there is a section for your library albums - I would expect to see the Tidal version of Bloodletting here, plus your own CDs. This is followed by those Tidal albums not in your collection. I agree this can be confusing at first.

I wonder whether the reason you are not seeing Mexican Moon is geographical. I see it, but I don’t see Mojave for instance.

Thanks for the description about albums which have been added to my Tidal library, that makes sense.

For the Mexican Moon case, it gets weirder. When I launch Roon Core without my local storage connected, it (correctly) only shows my Tidal library. In that case, with no local storage and only Tidal access, Mexican Moon does show up under Tidal’s All Main Albums. As soon as I connect my library storage and relaunch Core, Mexican Moon no longer shows up in my Tidal All Main Albums. Just weird. So to summarize: local storage connected, no Mexican Moon in my Tidal All Main Albums; no storage connected, Mexican Moon shows up just fine.

Can you post a screenshot of the Mexican Moon album showing the versions tab in expanded form please?

And what happens if you disable local storage (Settings > storage > [your drive] > 3 dots > disable) (much easier than disconnecting and restarting) and set on the Tidal M.Moon album, then enable local storage? (just like above, but 3 dots > enable. There will be a quick rescan and all will be back).

Are you still set on the Tidal MM album? What do you see?

That section will only show albums you have not added to your library. Once you add an album from Tidal to your library, it will not show in the Tidal All Main Albums, as it should then show in your library Main Albums.

@Rugby, as I read the posts, @rcrawley only has a local copy of MM; he has not added a Tidal version. And even if he had, it shouldn’t show up in the Tidal All Main Albums (as he says it does), but only in his library.

I hope things become clearer with a screenshot. It’s confusing me.