Tidal Media Loading Issue

Starting several months ago, after maybe a couple of seconds of a song I get a message that says “Tidal Media Loading Slowly …” and it skips to the next track ad nauseum. Happens every time. I’ve been using a competitor’s program since then with no problems whatsoever but I would love to be able to return to Roon because it is a superior product. I have an older MacBook Pro, running Yosemite. Internet is hardwired via ethernet so it is not a wifi issue. I’m able to play internet radio via Roon with no issues. The problem only presents when trying to stream Tidal. Please advise.

My DAC is the Chord Qutest, but this is a new acquisition and the problem also presented when using my prior DAC.

Upon a quick search, I see many others have had this same problem — typically with no apparent resolution and/or with recommended workarounds that seem pretty complex.

I am using Roon version 1.7 (build 537)

Thanks. – Blake

Hi @Blake_Marks-Dias,

If you try setting the output to System Output on the Macbook (to send to the Macbook’s internal speakers), do you still notice the same issue occurring on that zone?

What is your internet download/upload speed as reported by speedtest.net?

Yes same issue with system output.

When trying to do a speed test, the ping test was 13 Ms but then I got a message that says “Download Test Error. A socket error occurred during the download test. A firewall could be blocking the connection or the server might be having some issues.”

Hi @Blake_Marks-Dias,

This sounds like you have a firewall which is playing a factor here. What is your network setup like, can you list the model/manufacturer of your networking gear? How are your DNS servers set up?

Thanks. Our internet is through Comcast; we have their standard router I believe. Sorry, not sure where to look for/how to answer your other questions.

Network settings says locations is “automatic.” It is configured IPv4: Using DHCP.

Hardware is configured automatically, full-duplex, flow control; MTU is standard (1500).

AVB/EAV Mode is checked.

I don’t know what any of that means or if it is relevant.

Could parental controls settings be playing a role?

Problem appears to have been resolved (for now)! I got rid of parental controls and also logged in and out of Tidal. Not sure which of those 2 actions did the trick. I will try restoring parental controls later.

Many thanks.

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