Tidal media loading slowly on Ropieee/Pi4/Flirc

I keep getting the dreaded “tidal media loading slowly blabla” on my only endpoint that is running Ropieee and on no other endpoint. It’s a Pi4 in a Flirc case (so it’s not overheating, temp is 42C).
I use this for headphones with a Dragonfly black, and I only use it at night. Sometimes a reboot helps, but right now it doesn’t… so It’s unusable.

all other endpoints wired or wifi work fine at all times of day or night.
WiFi speed is ridiculous, as even Bernie Sanders knows already.

I’m considering the possibility that there may be something wrong with the Pi board that makes it not play nice with Ropieee because I had other Ropieee-related issues with the same board - therefore I’m tagging @spockfish.

Any suggestions on how to start troubleshooting this?

Thank you

It’s not the exact same thing really since I’m using wifi and have no possible way to use a wired connection. And all other Roon endpoints work fine over wifi, one in the same room.

I used the same board/case (with Ropieee XL) with speakers for three weeks without this issue.

Hi @DanMtsn,

I saw you mentioned that the Pi is currently on WiFi, but is there any change in behavior if you temporarily connect it via Ethernet?

I have seen some a few reports in the past of a Pi’s WiFi module go bad, it would be good to clarify if this is the case here.

I would also independently test the Dragonfly black you have connected to it by plugging it directly into the Core and trying playback there (in case the Dragonfly has an issue).

Can you give those tests a try and let me know how it goes?

I too would put money on the wifi being not up to it…a speedtest cant tell much with respect to the RPi wifi signal, and as the case is a FLIRC.TV one then its shielding the wifi chips/antennae too - I know as I have 4 of these cases. Get a wifi dongle if you can to try.

Also if your core is on wifi this could also not be helping.

Thank you for suggestions.
Again The same Pi/case was used ON WIFI for three weeks three meters away from its current location without any interruptions. Unless my wifi has ‘room modes’ and creates a dip exactly where it is now I highly doubt it is the wifi connection. Also it sometimes works for a hour or so then it starts skipping. So why is there no shielding when it works? I can try a wired connection but if following basic logic it doesn’t make sense.
Is there a way to increase buffer size? When this happens it looks like there is no buffer at all, it just skips through the queue.
The Dragonfly works fine on any other device, phone, PC or Ipad
Core is wired

What bit rates are you playing when it happens? Have you restarted the wifi network equipment?

Red book right now but it happens with any bit rate
No to second question

Hi @DanMtsn,

Yes, you can increase the buffer size but I don’t think it’ll help. Usually when Roon goes through tracks one by one like you describe, there’s a bigger issue somewhere. If you want to try the buffer increase, you can do this by going to Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel Icon -> Device Setup -> Show Advanced -> Buffer Size.

I would restart the networking gear just in case it helps.

Do you recall anything that changed in the last three weeks? Other than moving the Pi a few meters? Perhaps you installed a new version of Ropieee or made networking changes?

I installed Ropieee instead of Ropieee XL, no other change.

Hi @DanMtsn,

Can you provide some more information regarding where you moved the Pi to? Is it next to some other equipment that might be generating any WiFi interference?

You could try temporarily moving the Pi back to the previous location to see if this has something to do with the location or try connecting it over Ethernet as a temporary test in case this is related to the firmware.

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