Tidal media loading slowly with ROCK Core setup

Same issue happening to me.

54Mb/s broadband connection. Roon Rock running 1.8 connected to the router via ethernet.

A raspberry pi 3b over WiFi with Allo board works for a bit, maybe hours, maybe days - then starts stuttering and throwing the ‘tidal is loading slowly’ message.

Tidal works fine on two phones and an iPad, never misses a beat. Same albums.

It seems there’s an issue with the outbound Comms from Roon rock every now and again.

Did this ever get resolved? Is there a fix worth trying?

Hi @Simon_Austin, I’ve moved your post over to its own Topic.

Does this happen for all endpoints? What if you play to System Output instead of the Pi?

Do you see this happen with local content?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks a lot for picking this up.

I wonder/suspect if it isn’t a Ropieee issue? In answer to your questions.

It seems to happen on my pi3 endpoints and never on the Pi4s. Anything wired is always fine - be that default endpoint (pc) or a USB DAC, or a wired pi.

What is weird though, it is soooo intermittent. Some days, it will skip within 5 secs of a song. Other days, it will play an entire album without issue.

I’ve even setup a script to monitor iwconfig and record the signal strength, it’s always excellent.

Again, I’m no longer sure it’s a room issue. But, I see many similar things being reported here? Other than signal strength I don’t know what property of WiFi to be investigating?

I’ve had some minor success, with 2.4 GHz channel shuffling. But it always comes back sooner or later and starts to skip.

Thanks for the followup, @Simon_Austin, and sorry for the delayed response.

That’s definitely a big clue here. It’s hard to say exactly what’s happening with the WIFI connection that’s causing it these devices to run into issues just yet, but there are a few possibilities.

First I want to note that we always recommend an Ethernet connection whenever possible, as mentioned in our Networking Guide. It might be good to try connecting one of these devices via Ethernet just to confirm that it’s related to the WIFI connection.

Depending on your location, the channel that you’re using could also be busy and there might be some interference. Checking other network channels might be worth trying.

Ok, there’s something ultra weird happening.

This was all settled and working 100% fine on wired. Now, today wired connections are stuttering and totally unusable!!

Please look into this, as I have no other solution. To be clear both wired and wireless connections are stuttering to a Rpi 3b with an Allo card.

This Rpi was fine until today. Both Roon, Ropieee and router have been re-started, internet connection is a steady 53mb/s.