Tidal mixed up with my Cds [Collections]

I can’t recall how but a little while ago I suddenly had a stack of (suggested) Tidal albums merged with my own tracks.

A few were relevant but there was far more that just are definitely not my taste and have frankly messed up the library…

How can I weed everything other than my local tracks/albums out of the lists and look at Tidal only when I want to?

Also, before I clear them I would like to filter out to just those albums so I could see which ones I was going to lose in order to make a note of them and get copies for my library.

Thanks in advance - Terry

Go to albums view and use the Focus button up top. At the very right of the focus window you will be able find a button called Format. Choose Tidal within format.

Now that you have the Tidal albums focused, you can select all and delete them or individually remove the ones you don’t want.

And you can invert the filter by clicking on the plus sign, so the button becomes red and you see all but Tidal.

You can then define a bookmark, so you can easily switch between everything, only your own stuff, and only Tidal.

Thanks both.

I had just found how to filter down to the 300 or so that had been added (using focus), I went through and deselected a few, but (could be silly question of the day) what do I do to delete them? I couldn’t see a delete/remove/kill option.

Thanks again - Terry

Once you select the Tidal albums you want to delete, the Edit option should appear in the top right. Should be a remove option there for Tidal content.

Sorry, I’m running blind here I don’t have Tidal anymore.

Once you are looking at your tidal albums press and hold on one until you see an option top left that says 1 selected and top right gives you an edit button, if you just want to delete the one album you have selected click on edit scroll to the bottom and delete, if you want to delete all albums change the 1 selected to select all then follow the delete procedure as before.

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Hi @TerryD,

Sounds like you may have added a Collection. They are tagged differently from individual Tidal albums you’ve added, and can be separately removed.

Thanks again guys. I didn’t see that option.

I think that you might be right Bob, I will check (no pun) this evening.


That link goes to “This article has not been written yet.” Andy.

From what the link contained I located:


So now I have weeded the Collection out.

Thanks again for all of the tips.


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