Tidal mixes and radio

Is there a way to get my Tidal mixes and radio to show up on ROON?

Try this…
Add Tidal to Roon as a source, then log in to Tidal. A “Tidal” menu option will show on the main menu on the left side.

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You mean

Its the top section when you click on Roon’s Tidal Link as @Peter_Invan indicates

It was added ages back (2 yrs ??)

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I’m sorry, I’ll come back to the subject.

Here’s what I have in my “Mixes & Radio” section:

And this is what I have in the corresponding section in roon:

That’s only what I can find on the Tidal homepage:

Any ideas ? Thanks in advance. dp

Some strangeness for sure. In my Tidal under Mixes and Radio I only have one (My Daily Discovery) but under Home, scrolling down, Custom Mixes For You, I have New Arrivals, Daily Discovery, and My Mix 1-8. In Roon Tidal section i see My Mix 1-8 but not the others. Showing Daily Discovery in Roon is a long standing request. Roon is at the mercy of what Tidal exposes in its API. The question for me is what the heck is Tidal’s Mixes and Radio section, maybe it is “mixes” that you have favorited?

almost, it’s the radios. :wink:

Yep, Tidal Mixes and Radio section is mixes or radio stations that were favorited which adds to collection.