Tidal - Mixes & Radio Intergration

It would be nice to have Roon communicate with Tidal and synced across the Mixes & Radio section.

I know ‘My Mixes’ was introduced with Version 1.8. However, they are different to this section.

Tidal’s Radio is far better at matching up similar music that I want to listen to, rather than Roons radio which introduces new music to me. At times, I like to pick a random song use Tidal and it would match similar music.

UB40 - Is a great example of this.

As you’ll see, it’s found similar music of that genre and the year/s

Currently; The only way to get around this is to go to the Mixes & Radio section, select the mix I want and create a new playlist which then in turn is created in Roon.

Other people requesting the same:

Even better, if we could get a different version of Roon Radio that would allow us to select/choice or enable/disable a setting in order to have a similar fuction.