Tidal MQA Album Not Found in Roon

There are others, but the biggest one to me is Cyndi Lauper, “Bring Ya to the Brink”, which shows as MQA on my phone, but not in Roon. What’s up with that?

MQA studio master in Roon on my system

Hi @John_Hill Although we get a basic description of the audio quality from TIDAL, we don’t get the full MQA info (bit-depth, container sample rate, original sample rate) and have to figure it out ourselves. As it absorbs the extensive Sony MQA catalog, in many cases TIDAL is making use of existing album and tracks IDs that we’ve previously analyzed as CD quality; it will just take some time for the re-analysis to take place.

However, if the album you have favourited in TIDAL (or added in Roon) says M/Master/MQA in the TIDAL app, it will play as MQA in Roon; you can use the Roon Signal Path feature to verify.

Hope this make sense.


Hi Joel, integrating both the Sony Music back catalogue in MQA, as well as new MQA albums, will take a lot of re-indexing work on your server(s) I suppose.

There is on specific recent album from Patricia Barber, which cannot be found at all, even though the Tidal app, USB Audioplayer Pro and my Matrix Audi app sees and plays it ( in 24/352.8 MQA ! )
Can you take a look please?


I have exactly the same problem. Clique works and sounds good but Higher does not show up at all in my favourites.


@Peter_Veth @Tim_Slaughter This is strange. We don’t have this album from either TIDAL or Qobuz in our database. I wonder if it got pulled for re-encoding and is in the process of being added back? The TIDAL feed arrived late today and missed the boat, so it might appear tomorrow…

Patricia Barber / Higher on TIDAL is now available in Roon in all TIDAL regions.

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Again, it is now Sunday and the Cyndi Lauper album is still not in MQA in Roon. In addition, Pink Floyd “Echoes…Best of” is now shown as MQA in Tidal, but not in Roon. I understood what Roon developers say, but I did not pay a lifetime subscription for this.

Not in mine.

Playing on a Meridian end to end system, with full MQA unfold, album clearly indicated as MQA with a dot on the DAC. Could be a Roon data base issue

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