Tidal MQA and Sony Classical

In all official statements it is said that Sony Classical is supplying MQA albums to Tidal. I have not seen any Sony Classical album as MQA. Anyone has more up to date information. BTW, Tidal often carries two “identical” copies of albums. For UMG and Warner, this is usually the sign that there is a MQA version and Redbook version. Sony Classical also often carries two identical versions (like Glenn Gould, etc.). I assume one is supports to be a MQA version later on.

So far this news confirmed only Sony-Merlin group support MQA, not all of Sony labels.

That isn’t what that article says. It shows Merlin and Sony Music as separate entities with individual deals with MQA Ltd.

Today, I still see see this for albums released for Sony Classical and Berliner Philharmoniker recordings (small label owned by the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra).

Tidal: has only 16/44.1 no master / no MQA version
Qobuz: I see high-res versions for the same albums.

Probaly a lot of labels don’t believe in MQA?

Sony Music is finally releasing their albums in MQA - last week tens of thousands MQA’d albums of which lots in MQA Studio quality and Sony Classical - Duncan Rolfe checks all albums on Tidal in UK and USA and this is the list https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aUpbUHGsEz_OpunHNm7L-gSFNjSjjr7X/view?usp=sharing