Tidal MQA on Oppo UDP-205: network hardware or USB DAC via Roon Bridge?

Hello there,

Since Oppo UDP-205 is a Roon Ready Network Device, please advise on the right settings in order to fully decode the Tidal MQA tracks.
Should I use the Oppo as a network Roon Ready hardware and configure it for MQA (decoding and) rendering or use it as a USB DAC connected to my Mac Mini running Roon Bridge?
Do I get the full MQA decode in both ways or not?



Oppo’s MQA, is handled by the USB input. So you need to use USB to get a full decode.

So, I guess,

If you want th Oppo to do a full unfold, use the Mac Mini/ RoonBridge USB to the Oppo. and tell Roon that the Oppo is doing it all.

Or, just go with Roon doing the first unfold and go Ethernet into the Oppo.