Tidal MQA playback glitchy in playback

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon core on IMAC

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

WIFI- Using Metrum Ambre

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Metrum Ambre via I2S to Metrum Onyx to McIntosh MA6600

I just updated Roon software and getting all kinds of glitchy playback with Tidal…Playing Beck’s, Morning Phase.

I’m using wifi but am in the same room as the roon core. I do not have DSP activated either. which I know can be a common problem. I can’t make it through one song with out multiple gaps. it’s maddening

It’s sad because I just renewed for another year, but if this keeps happening, I’ll just stick to Vinyl.

Please advise

Did you update or download and install fresh?

Hi @jimmy_stabler,

Is this only happening with MQA content? Is local content working okay? What about other, non-MQA TIDAL content?

If you play to System Output of the Core instead of the Metrum is there any change?

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting your Core machine?

I updated the software and restarted. what else would you do?

when you say reboot, do you just mean restart it? yes, only with MQA.

Hi @jimmy_stabler,

Yes, I just meant restarting the Core machine.

If you play to System Output of the Core instead of the Metrum is there any change?

I haven’t played to system output, but I will try that.

I’m playing Sturgill Simpson now and not as many gaps, but have heard at least one so far.

3 songs in and no playback issues. I had a feeling it might be wifi. I have a 500mb plan and don’t recall issues with this before

so I have an extra HP laptop laying around that i don’t use. Would it make sense to install Roon Core on this and hook directly to Ambre?

I do facebok, spotify, etc on my IMAC which the Roon Core resides. I haven’t ever really had an issue before with playback though.

Curious what fixes or suggestions you might have would be.

hello? why no more responses? I still have questions.

Being in the same room as your core device has no effect on WIFI. Your WIFI devices are not connected to each other. They are connected to your router, wherever it is. WIFI is not bluetooth.

I suggest you have ethernet cables pulled to both your Roon core device and your Roon end-point. That is what I did. Tidal MQA works perfectly.

Hi @jimmy_stabler,

Thanks for confirming that things seem to work okay with System Output. This generally tends to point toward networking issues. As we mention in our Networking Guide, we always recommend using an Ethernet connection whenever possible for best results.

As long as it meets our requirements, this is an option. You could also try using an Ethernet connection for the Ambre and see if that helps.

You may also want to try using Google DNS which we’ve seen help improve TIDAL performance.

So let me clarify. My ambe is connected to router via Ethernet. My iMac is is not connected and is too far away to be connected via Ethernet.

Your core device needs to be connected via ethernet to get good results.

Yea I hear ya but I’ve never had this issue before .

Thx for feedback

Do not use WiFi at least only for the app, purchase a nuc and put Roon on it, purchase a switch and connect your router, nuc and Ambre to that switch. Almost impossible to still have problems

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Thanks for clarifying, @jimmy_stabler.

Especially when it comes to your Core’s connection, Ethernet is always recommended. While I understand this worked previously, we often find that WiFi can sometimes be unreliable and that an Ethernet connection will resolve any of these types of issues. Even if just as a brief test, it would be good to connect via Ethernet and see if there’s any change.

yea i hear ya, just a shame that I have to use WIFI when I never had this problem before…it’s 2019…

not true at all. I never had problems till recently, but i hear what you are saying.

are you following Cees with Sonnet??? Do you think you will try the new DAC considering you have the best DAC ever??? :wink: