Tidal MQA Versions of Titles not showing in Roon

I am a new user running the latest version of Roon on a fully updated Windows 10 PC. I am successfully playing local content and streaming through a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 DAC using the default Roon settings for that particular DAC. I have a Hi-Fi Tidal subscription which I have previously been using to stream MQA titles via the Tidal software. I am able to see and stream my non-MQA Tidal content through Roon, but Roon is not showing MQA titles in the menu/selection screens.

I’ve moved your post across to the Support category of the forum where it will be seen by the support team. Someone from the team will be along shortly.

Hi @John_Story,

Can you share an example of an MQA release you’re trying to find in Roon but aren’t seeing? Can you share a screenshot of what you do see for this album as well?

Can you please verify what region your TIDAL account is for?

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