Tidal MQA volume leveling oddity

When playing roon radio with volume leveling on and set to auto, some (not all) Tidal MQA tracks play extremely loud. Signal path shows -4.x up to -7.x db on some of the tracks I looked at, so roon is doing something but still?

If I’m listening with volume set at, say, -46 db on my amp, I have to jump for my remote and turn down the amp to, like, -65 db for these tracks.

Tidal desktop player does the same thing sometimes, so I’m guessing it’s something with the files?

Is there anything I can do about it?

It may be relating to this issue: TIDAL gain values for track and album

Could be. Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on that, too.

Hi @SKBubba,

Thanks for the report, can you please provide a few examples of albums/tracks with this behavior?
Are they the same albums as the one’s mentioned in the linked thread?

Here’s one, I think. Will try to verify and find some others…

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Hi @SKBubba,

I’m seeing multiple TIDAL MQA version of this album on my end, which MQA version has the issue, or both?

Can you turn down your system a bit and share a screenshot of your Signal Path when the issue is occurring?

It was the 48khz 24bit 96khz MQA version. Curiously it isn’t doing it now, using roon or tidal desktop. Signal path looks the same as before with -6.2db leveling. Maybe it was something in the tidal stream that has been fixed? Anyway, sorry for the wild goose chase, you can close this ticket. If it happens again I’ll get back with more detailed info.

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Hi @SKBubba,

Thanks for letting us know the issue is resolved, perhaps something was updated in the background as you mentioned. In any case, if you see similar behavior you can also add it as an example on the linked thread.

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