Tidal music not (all) showing in roon

Nucleus plus version 1, latest updates
Remote iphone/ ipad, latest updates

When using roon with tidal as service active, some artists/ albums do show up when I look for them in Tidal, but the same search query in roon gives no results. Must be a setting but I can not find it. What am I doing wrong?



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Hey @Jeroen_Van_Steekelen thank you for reaching out to us about this.

I attempted to recreate the issue and it turns out that there is a misspelling in the search you conducted. You’ll want to match the spelling of the artist’s name that’s displayed in TIDAL, which in this case, is “Raul Midon”.

If you search for “Raul Midon” in Roon, you’ll see that Raul’s artist page displays properly, :pray:t3:

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