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Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

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Description Of Issue

In Tidal app: Select Album -> Add to my Collection (click on heart)

In Roon: This adds the Album to “My Collection” (increases albums count +1)

In Tidal app: Select Album -> “Remove From My Collection” (unclick on heart)

In Roon: This removes the Album from “My Collection” (decreases albums count -1)
Roon Settings -> Library Maintenance -> Clean up X deleted files
where X is the number of songs on the Album.

  1. Is this normal?
  2. I find this behavior really confusing. It’s confusing that I would have to manually clean-up “files” as I interact with a feature from a streaming service. When Roon tells me it found “deleted files” I immediately think I’ve had some kind of local storage issue not that I’ve unassociated an album from a streaming account.

Am I using this feature correctly? If I add an album to “My Collection” in Tidal is Roon expecting I will never let go of that album? Would it be better for Roon to not pull across “albums” from a 3rd party and only manage the albums I add explicitly in Roon? Is this configurable?

Thanks for helping me understand this feature.

Hi @ipeverywhere,

Check out this post from Mike about this feature. Even though files are deleted or otherwise no longer available in Roon, regardless of the source, Roon will have a “memory” of these files in the event they were to come back. As Mike states in the post linked below, this option tells Roon to forget about these files.

Thanks Dylan. That makes it a little bit clearer except Tidal albums are not files. I assume you’re not downloading the albums, via Tidal’s offline feature, and storing them locally?

I guess, instead of files, I’ll just read it as “file references” (or something like that).

But, the way I’d rather it work is that there would be no way to “import” albums from outside of Roon. Heart’ing an album in Tidal does not mean, at least to me, that I want it imported into my Roon Library. If I wanted that I’d do that in Roon. Is there a similar Qobuz feature that also imports into Roon that I should know about?

Appreciate the clarification.

Yes, it’s the same.

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