TIDAL Navigation - persistent screen states

While browsing a section of Tidal through Roon (new albums for example) I find it frustrating that after viewing and album and tapping the back button I am taken back to the beginning of the section, not the page of the section I had scrolled to in Tidal. Am I holding it wrong?


I see the same and it would be convenient to have a persistent Tidal screen state. Let’s shift this to Feature Requests, see what others think and if it’s feasible.

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Bug #13409 Is already in the system for this.


I was feeling this pain yesterday, good to know it’s on the list.


I have copied this text from bug report in 2016, it has even been noted with a bug number, but has not been fixed by mid 2020…

This error is also there in the ordinary albums view!
Bug #13409

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thank you for this bug info, I am struggling with this bug in ordinary view most of the time. Maybe roon staff can give further information what is planned in this case?

I wonder if it’s something to do with our set ups seeing as not many others complain?

Even browsing through releases on an artists page, clicking into a release and then back takes me back to the beginning of the list. Quite annoying.

Also, @andybob, is the really a feature request? Seems more like a bug to me although I think I do remember mentioning this behaviour in another thread years ago and Brian or Mike (?) said that it was to do with the fact that Roon couldn’t keep track all the elements for long enough to make this work.