Tidal "networking or connectivity problem" after build 306 [SOLVED]

Hi, after build 306, I get this message when I try to play anything in Tidal. I have signed off and then in to no avail.

I had the same problem. For me signing off and then back on solved it for me. Not sure why this has happened but it was definitely been since 306.

Try rebooting the roon core, that solved my problems.

I tried both. Still, cannot play Tidal at all. My Roon server is a Sonicorbiter (Linux)

Sounds like you will need the actual support team!

Do you have a computer that can go directly to Tidal and see if it plays from there?
Tidal Desktop on windows or mac or IOS or Android.

Hmm, it was actually a problem with the Tidal subscription. You would imagine that in such case you would get an error message accordingly. Sorted out the payment problem and it is working now!

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This post jogged my memory. I had thought my TIDAL subscription would last until a Monday, but on the Friday before, I too started getting playback errors. This is a lot less obvious than, say, “hey buddy, no pay, no play.”

So that was about 30 minutes of troubleshooting I’ll never get back. I feel your pain. J