Tidal "new albums" isn't new, it's promoted. Not sure I appreciate that

I started thinking I was a having a senior moment this morning, noticing Tidal new releases hadn’t changed much.

The listing under “New Albums” was showing stuff from a couple weeks back, the example I told them about was the new album from Public Enemy, released late July.

When I contacted Tidal, they told me…

Unfortunately, there is not yet possible to sort out new albums. But there is something we will like to have in the future.
Regarding public enemy’s new album. We have prioritized this album since this is really great one.
Best Regards,
TIDAL Support

So they prioritize everything, which I don’t appreciate. New releases should be the new releases. And if they don’t have a sorting feature, why do they have a section called new releases?

Oh well, hopefully it’s something they’ll consider.


Here’s a request for @palbratelund to answer: is there a chance Tidal could allow me to see a view or run a query where I get to see ALL the new releases in a given week?

I’ve got lots of examples now of Tidal adding albums to their
database, but the “New Releases” section only shows a small sub-section
of what has been added.

To be honest, this is a problem with all the music streaming services
to a lesser or greater extent. It’s just that Tidal is particularly
bad at displaying more than a few new releases each week in the “New
Releases” section.

The best way to find the “new” releases that I am interested in (read - no rap, hip hop, etc) is to go into the Genre page that I want, e.g. Blues, and look at the “new albums” that are there. Practically none of these new releases ever make the “front page” of Tidal!

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Thanks for the tip. Would love to know why it’s not possible to see them all in one place though.

It’s like a special secret :smiley:

Agreed Mark!

The Tidal front page is easily the worst example out of all of the streaming services. Every other company at least tries to provide some recommendations based upon previous listening history, favorites, etc along with their curated picks. Most don’t succeed but at least there is an attempt. If Roon ever offers another service that it integrates with i’ll certainly have no qualms with switching to that.

I have no clue why they don’t actually use the data they possess to actually provide a tailored experience for their users.

We used to have this in the old clients for WiMP so I’ll talk to Product about bringing it back, too. Thanks for the input.


We’ve looked a little into this through the afternoon here in Oslo. We’ll cook something up. But beware - for tomorrows release schedule there are around 3400 items (albums, eps and singles). So we just need to find an elegant way to filter and list this by format and genre. I think it will be a little too much to put into the clients but can easily live as a web page that opens what you pick in the clients. We’ll experiment a little.