Tidal new albums update

Maybe it will be obsolate in few hours, but right now I don’t see in tidal->new albums new album of Billie Eilish, but I can see a new albums from today other artists (e.g. Torres). I don’t see new album also in “discography tab” in my library (I should see all artist releases from tidal here). It is Roon issue or Tidal. Can anyone else check it? Thanks.

I had to go back to my Logitech Media Server streamer interface to get access to the Qobuz / Tidal streams of Billie’s new album…sad to not be able to get at it via Roon.

Hey @Grzegorz_Gromadzki,

You are right, it can take 2-3 days for newly realesed albums to show up in Roon :nerd_face:

Please, bear with us for a little bit :nerd_face:

Thanks for info. I rarely wait for new releases so I didn’t notice it before. All good now.

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