Tidal New Releases by Genre

When you choose Qobuz from Roon’s drop down menu, and go to new releases, you can choose the new releases by genre. If you choose Tidal from the drop down menu, you do not have that choice, which makes it far less new releases I like. Is there any way Roon can let Tidal New Releases be filtered by Genre, or is that capability determined solely by Tidal. And if that is the case, could you try to work with Tidal to get this added. I would SOOOO love to be able to peruse Blues new releases only, or Jazz new releases only, etc. But as it stands, I have to go through tons of new releases I have no interest in.

Maybe I don’t understand the question. I just went to Tidal within Roon and was able to select Jazz as my preference and there I can see the latest releases. Is that not what you are asking for?

But, they do not come up on the order of “newest to oldest”. Under Tidal, Blues, New Releases, the first four Albums popping up were released 1/10/20, 11/29/19, 10/25/19 and 11/15/19, kind of a .mismashed order. In Qobuz, it’s by descending release date.

It was until 1.8 :slightly_frowning_face: