Tidal no longer streams in hifi quality

I subscribe to Tidal hifi but at the moment Tidal is streaming lossy to Roon. yesterday it still worked fine

On iPhone and using Tidal app on mac the hifi icon is showing so I guess it still streams lossless.

Not so in Roon:

I’ve signed out and back in again but still low quality in signal chain. It doesn’t matter if I’m using airplay or connect my mac to my dac using usb… always low quality

Any thoughts?

and now it does again… strange but not complaining :smile:

Hi @stevev1
Sometimes Tidal only has lower quality files for some tracks/albums., but I expect you were comparing the same tracks ?

Yes same tracks. Loging out and back in a few times solved it. No idea what caused it but I found it strange that all Tidal apps were still streaming in hifi qualiity except Roon.

AAC is a lossy file, so maybe Tidal/Roon had one file type and Tidal had another.

Let’s see if it happens again. Thanks for the report @stevev1

Just started my 14 day trail. How can I check streaming quality (like Tidal HiFi) out to my Squeezebox Touch ?

I use Roon server with iPad, as the other Roon installation did not work on my PC, as it requires OpenGL 3.

Just touch the little icon next to the track name when it is playing which is shown at the bottom of the screen shots above and you will bring up the audio chain quality pop up which will give you all the details. The icon should be purple if you have a lossless chain…

See this for more details. https://kb.roonlabs.com/Signal_Path