Tidal (nor Qobuz) not playing on newly set-up SonicTransporter

So I have a SonicTransporter setup for Roon restored from my backup dtatbease. Local playing all works fine.

However Tidal and Qobuz don’t play, I have full access but when play is pressed a little blue line just goes across and back to indicate loading that never loads. No error message just “loading”.
I logged out and back into both Tidal and Qobuz to no effect.

2 other Roon cores work perfectly on the same network, one ROCK, one Windows.

What’s the secret sauce to get Roon. ST and Tidal to play ball?


You’ve probably done the obvious but have you tried rebooting the ST?

Thanks but yes, I have, always good to ask though!


I know that Tidal has restrictions in using more clients at the same time with one account. It’s 1 online and 2 offline. You might be logged on on more than three?

Maybe similar situation with Qobuz but don’t know exactly.

That indeed was issue, thank you very much.

.sjb :smile: