Tidal not connecting to Roon

I’m running the latest software 1.8 build 988. Roon is not connecting to Tidal. I login on my Mac and move over to Roon and it fails to connect. It was running fine last night. Anyone having this issue. Dave

Yup same here.

A restart of Roon core fixed this.

Thank you, that worked

Yes. I am getting “tidal login failed” message when i open roon. All music becomes “unavailable.” I double check and i am logged into Tidal but Roon doesnt recognize it. And I’ll be damned if i cant figure out how to post my own support issue.

I had the same experience this morning, I rebooted by roon core and it fixed the issue.


That did it. Thanks.

Hi guys

I hate to be rude but the first diagnostic test of any IT system, “Turn it Off and Turn it On Again” isn’t rocket science. Roon is not immune !!

I reboot my core every day for other reasons. Just make sure your internet connection is sound before rebooting. Even reboot the Modem/Router as well. Its afew minutes work that clears out stuff !!

Glad you came right