Tidal not playing in Roon 7-22-19

This morning Tidal was playing fine via Roon, about noon time PDT it ceased.

Before restarting my Core I confirmed local files and internet streams played normally to all zones. No change in Tidal behavior after restarting Roon Core.

Sync with Tidal is successful and logging out of Tidal and back in is successful but music won’t play…just the ‘night rider’ blue graphic going back and forth

Tidal plays normally via their app on iOS.

Anyone else experience an outage via Roon today?

I just had a momento lapse but I put that down to removing my DAC and plugging it back in as it would not resume and says track not available. Cleared playlist and it’s fine.

Thanks, I’m still only getting these entries in the log, Playing and Queuing - queuing never completes, check that, it finished after almost 5 mins. I get a ping response from Core to tidal.com.

I’ll check later tonight or tomorrow before opening a support case.

[pinkfaun@pinkfaun Logs]$ tail -f RoonServer_log.txt | grep tidal.com
07/22 15:22:19 Info: [Living Room] [zoneplayer] Playing: http://sp-pr-ak.audio.tidal.com/api/public/deliverables/GidiYTYzN2U2NTMxZjk2OWUyZjJiNDNmMzcwOGFhMGM1ZV82MS5tcDQgAj0AAIBAVQAAoEE/0.flac
07/22 15:22:19 Info: [Living Room] [zoneplayer] Queueing: http://sp-pr-ak.audio.tidal.com/api/public/deliverables/Gic1ZDk0YmU4N2VkMTc3Nzg2NjI0ODI5MTk5ZmEzYTBiMV82MS5tcDQgAj0AAIBAVQAAoEE/0.flac
07/22 15:26:41 Trace: [streamingmediafile] finished caching http://sp-pr-ak.audio.tidal.com/api/public/deliverables/Gic1ZDk0YmU4N2VkMTc3Nzg2NjI0ODI5MTk5ZmEzYTBiMV82MS5tcDQgAj0AAIBAVQAAoEE/0.flac
[pinkfaun@pinkfaun Logs]$

Transient issue - Tidal working normally today