Tidal not playing most items through Roon

@support System - Mac Mini, DCS Rossini - Roon is not playing most song/albums. Tidal sends a message saying that it is stopping playback because of too many failures. This has happened before and then it magically stopped after multiple resets and restarts. Anyone else having issues?

Same thing here. Just started this evening. Looks like Tidal itself is down tonight, not really a Roon problem.

Me too in Chicago. All Tidal albums are giving me a “There was a network error in accessing this album” message.

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Seems to be fixed now.

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Hey @Robert_Allen,

It looks like TIDAL was experiencing a service outage last night that has since been resolved. Are you still experiencing difficulties playing TIDAL content?

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Roon was down for a few hours last night. All is well now.

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I figured as much. Lots of problems with Tidal. I have not checked it since. I will get back into it later and get back to you.

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